Welcome, dear readers

… to the most flexible book club in Winnipeg!

TTR is a podcast book club, produced by the Winnipeg Public Library, that’s built on audience feedback. If you’re into the selection, get yourself a copy and join in! If not, join in anyway, because we tend to focus more on the ideas in the book than literary analysis.

Did you love it? Didn’t want to read it? Tell us why!

Discussions take place on social media, here on our site, or you can send your thoughts to wpl-podcast@winnipeg.ca. On each episode, you’ll hear the ideas and opinions of yourself and other listeners as well those of four nerdy WPL librarians (pictured below).

Episodes are released the first Friday of the month. Recordings take place the last week of the month (usually).

So get in touch! Tell us what you think — of the book, of the podcast, of future books to pick. We’re excited to hear from you.

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