The Time to Read team


Sketch drawing of Alan

Alan Chorney is the Branch Head of Transcona Library.  He hails from Northern Manitoba where he would spend his winters hibernating with stacks of Science Fiction & Fantasy novels and his summers hibernating with video games.  In an attempt to become a more well-rounded human being he now reads almost anything and takes bike rides hundreds of kilometers in duration. Pun and blog are amongst his least favourite words, so it is no surprise that much of his inner conflict stems from the immense pleasure he derives from punning and blogging.


Sketch drawing of Erica

Erica is the Branch Head at Fort Garry Library, a book nerd, a movie watcher, and the owner of two badly behaved dogs. She’s never been in a book club because she doesn’t like being told what to read. So, we’ll see how this goes.


Sketch drawing of Kirsten

Kirsten is the Branch Head at the Harvey Smith Library. She enjoys reading books, rune stones, people, and travel blogs. She also likes taking walks.


Trevor Lockhart is the Branch Head of the Louis Riel library and has never been in a book club before, so this should be interesting. He tends to be a slow reader but a fast talker, so it should all even out.


Dennis is our audio producer and frequent guest panelist; he works at Millennium Library. He prefers reading mysteries and non-fiction, but will occasionally stretch his mind for some interesting literature. When he’s not reading, making music, trying to figure out Javascript, or watching Netflix, he can often be found walking his cat on a leash.


Art credit: Danielle Hubbard