Special Episode – Books to Movies Part 2 – All the Movies

Thanks for joining us! This the second part of a special episode that ran long. Instead of talking about a book like we normally do, we’ve been ruminating on movie or tv adaptations of books. We ran out of time in part one, so here’s the rest, where we talk adaptations that we like, that you like, that we don’t like, and that you don’t like! And more, of course.

In this episode we discuss

Our NEW Time to Read puppets! (Thank you very much Marla!!),

About a gazillion different movies,

Movies we liked,

Movies we didn’t like,

Whether the author should be involved in adaptations,

TV adaptations,

The Nicholas Sparks Plot Generator,

Poetry break: My Lone Ranger by Trevor Greyeyes.

Thanks to @siggynic, @sunandsky2, @behrouzvet, @whiddenjennifer ,@sarah.larouche, Amanda, Selena, Denise, Shira, Laura, and Sophie for their contributions to our discussion!

Special thanks to Alan — we miss you!

Thanks also to our lovely Facebook group and to everyone who took the time to share with us.

Next episode we’re talking about Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think.

You can be a part of our show too! Visit us at wpl-podcast.winnipeg.ca. Email us at wpl-podcast@winnipeg.ca with suggestions, comments, and questions. Or join our Facebook group, and follow Winnipeg Public Library on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Time to Read is a production of the Winnipeg Public Library. Our panel today included  Kirsten Wurmann, Dennis Penner, Trevor Lockhart, and Erica Ball.

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