December Discussion – Beartown

This month we’re reading Bear Town by Fredrik Backman.

Each month you are invited to join in on the discussion  – we love it when you tell us what you think! You can also answer one of our discussion questions.

  1. What makes hockey more than “just a game”?
  2. Backman asks the question: “what is community?” throughout the book. What does community mean to you?
  3. “Culture is as much about what we encourage as what we permit.” (p.66) Do you agree? What does culture mean to you?
  4. What’s your favourite “sports” movie?

Let us know if you’d prefer not to get a shout-out on the next episode. And thanks for taking Time To Read!

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4 years ago

What a great book!!! I’m jazzed up, there is so much to talk about with this story. First of all, I’ll admit it, I like a story more when there are likeable, or at least relatable, characters and I love so many of them in Beartown. Ok pretty much all of them, actually, except cold hearted Mr. Erdahl and Meggan and William Lyt. Then there is the depiction of small communities, a dying community at that, and a hockey town to top it off. I found it funny that a book written by a Swede and set there was directly… Read more »