November Discussion – I’m Thinking of Ending Things

This month we’re reading I’m Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid.

What did you think of the book? Did you like it? Hate it? We want to know!

Or, answer one of our discussion questions:

  1. Where did you go on your last road trip? And what was it like?
  2. Do you ever have a ‘No mirrors’ day?  Or conversely, do you ever have a ‘Mirrors’ day?
  3. What is your best trivia team name?
  4. Did I’m Thinking of Ending Things keep you up at night? Maybe because it was too scary? Or, maybe you couldn’t put it down?

You can contribute to our discussion anonymously or if you’re brave, let us know who you are, and we’ll give a shout-out during the podcast!

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5 years ago

Sorry guys, this one didn’t work for me. I thought it was about suicide, then a break up, then a schizophrenic and finally it ended…and I was relieved. I was intrigued enough to go back and skim to see how the pieces fit together in hindsight. But my takeaway is everyone just needs a friend??? And why was the unnamed woman’s character’s only purpose to provide some agency for the Jake persona?

5 years ago
Reply to  Amy

Hi Amy! We talk so much about unreliable narrators on the podcast and I think this novel is the epitome! I was super unsettled reading this book, so much so that I could. not. stop.
That said, this might be a book that is hit or miss for us around the table (and with our listeners)…which should make for a great discussion! — Kirsten