January Discussion – Washington Black

This month we’re reading Washington Black by Esi Edugyan.

And we are thrilled to be joined by our friends at Black Space Winnipeg who will be sitting around the table with some of us to chat about the book.


As always you are invited to join in on the discussion  – we love it when you tell us what you think! You can also answer one of our discussion questions.

  1. Wash has an uncanny gift for drawing, and Titch talks about what becomes “worthy of observation.” Do you keep a journal to record or remember or observe?
  2. Wash is drawn to the beauty of the octopus. What is something you think is beautiful but that others might find “nightmarish”?
  3. This book resonates today. How are oppressed folks still being denied (or given ) a voice?

Let us know if you’d prefer not to get a shout-out on the next episode.

And thanks for taking Time To Read!

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