July Discussion: Charcoal Joe

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer the best way the Time to Read gang knows how: by reading a good book! This month, we are reading Charcoal Joe by best selling (and some would say America’s greatest) crime-fiction writer, Walter Mosley.

We’d love it if you joined us in the conversation  –  let us know what you think about the book. Here are some questions to start us off:

  • Ezekiel Porterhouse Rawlins is best known as “Easy” and so many characters in his life also have nicknames; from his longtime friend “Mouse” to “Fearless Jones” to the title character, “Charcoal Joe”.
    • Do you have a nickname? Do you wish you had one? What would it be?
  • Charcoal Joe is the 14th in the Easy Rawlins series.
    • Are you a reader that can start a book from anywhere in the series? Or does it pain you to not go in numerical order?
  • Easy Rawlins is a black detective living and working in racist America. The racially diverse characters and description of a lesser-known Los Angeles make the series unique within the genre of mystery novels.
    • Considering the events of the past months, have you been reading more books that expose you to Black/Indigenous/ people of colour and their experiences? What other books would you recommend?
  • Since it is summer time we thought we’d read a good mystery beach/backyard read.
    • What genre do you turn to in the summertime? Does the season matter what type of books you read?

Please comment below, on our Facebook group page , or by emailing us at wpl-podcast@winnipeg.ca 

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