June Discussion: Trickster Drift by Eden Robinson

This month we are reading Trickster Drift, the second book in a trilogy by Eden Robinson (we read the first book Son of a Trickster last year, remember that? Good times.)

In Trickster Drift, we catch up with Jared as he moves from Kitimat to Vancouver for school, where he finds he is still a magnet for magic.

Please join the conversation! Comment below or answer one of our book club questions:

  1. Trickster Drift has been described as funny, scary, and magical. What was your funniest, scariest, or most magical bit?
  2. How old were you when you first left home?  And what was the experience like?
  3. What do you think about sequels, or second books/movies in trilogies. Do they work? Are they ever better than the first ones?

Joining us in our discussion will be Jordan Wheeler, former Winnipeg Public Library’s Writer-in-Residence from 2018-2019. We are so happy to have Jordan at the table!


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4 years ago

The scariest and most magical and powerful moment was when David attacked Jared in the alley with the alcohol. It was such a violent and mean spirited encounter but caused Jared to truly transform into the bird. During both of these books I’ve wondered what is really causing Jared to deny his magical ability. In the age of Harry Potter he has no interest in seeing how much he can accomplish and is openly frightened when Sarah makes him dabble (to a bad ending). Why wouldn’t he harness this power and use it as a tool instead of letting it… Read more »