May Discussion: Fox by Margaret Sweatman

This month we are reading Fox by Margaret Sweatman and we are thrilled to welcome Margaret as a guest on our podcast this month! Do you have any questions for her? Comments about the book?

Here are a few questions we will be contemplating:

  1. Why is the novel called Fox?
  2. Fox is written in a number of different voices and styles. Did you have a favourite voice or narrator?
  3. Many themes, attitudes, and news headlines expressed in the novel are still relevant today. Which one really stood out for you?
  4. How has the 1919 General Strike impacted your life today?
  5. In Fox, McDougal wonders: what makes a book “used”? What do you think makes a book used?


Please join in on the discussion!

You can comment below or email us your answers and thoughts to

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4 years ago

Glad I was able to finish the book and catch the episode…..I was racking my mind about why it was called Fox!!! Thanks for the discussion!

I wanted to know more about Helen who ran the soup kitchen for strikers (was she an Eleanor type from the south or was she working class?) And I found this incredible article on her
I think I found my new role model 🙂