Discussion – Middlesex

Tell us your thoughts on Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides!

Or answer our discussion questions:

    1. What word or term do you think sums up what this book is about?
    2. What “complicated hybrid emotion” would you want to create a word for?
    3. What does the book as a whole say about the concept of love? Do we choose love or is love chosen by us?
    4. Middlesex refers quite a bit to fortune telling, soothsaying, and superstitions. Do any such rituals or beliefs play a role in your own life?
    5. Why is Cal’s brother called Chapter 11?
    6. What do you think of Cal as narrator? Even from within his primordial egg? Did you find the book’s narrative style helpful or confusing?
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5 years ago

I am really looking forward to discussing this book!

5 years ago

Q 1 – Belonging. To me it seems to be all about trying to find that feeling that you can be yourself and that people see you the way you actually are.

5 years ago

B: How about a word for the disappointment felt when you realize someone has finished the food you’ve been looking forward to having?
Or maybe,
Simultaneously loving and hating your child/pet when they’ve done something terrible but look so adorable.