Discussion – The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Tell us your thoughts on The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman!

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At WPL you’ll find  Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane in the adult fiction section.  Could the book be considered young adult fiction?  Is the distinction important?


In Neil Gaiman’sThe Ocean at the End of the Lane why doesn’t the main character have a name?  If you could, what would you name him?


Why does Lettie decide to protect the narrator in The Ocean at the End of the Lane?


The Ocean at the End of the Lane is partly about memories and childhood – did the book evoke memories of your own childhood or of being a child?


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5 years ago

I was teleported into this world when I read this book. When I read it I I felt like I was reading a “kids” book. It was very accessible. I do think it does belong in the adult section because ultimately it is about a grown man. I don’t think he needs a name. Heck until now I didnt realize he didn’t have one. Through the narrator we are able to live in this magical world if only for a little while. I think Lettie protects him because he is us, and then the impact of her sacrifice is that… Read more »