October Discussion: Lovecraft Country

This month we are reading Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff and we want to hear from you!

  1. Do you read scary books? What is the scariest book you’ve ever read?
  2. Lovecraft Country has been turned into an HBO series. Have you seen it? How does it compare to the novel?
  3. Lovecraft Country combines the realistic horrors of the Jim Crow South with supernatural terrors like ghosts, monsters, and doomsday cults. Is one type of horror scarier than the other? How different are they?

Please comment below, on our Facebook page, or by emailing us at wpl-podcast@winnipeg.ca to let us know what you thought about this month’s book. We would love to add your comments to our discussion!


We will be recording Wednesday, October 27 and the episode will be available for your listening pleasure on Friday, November 1st.

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