September Discussion – The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

This month we are reading The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers.

What did you think of the book? Any comments? Tell us your thoughts.

Or, answer one of our discussion questions:

  1. In Long Way to a Small Angry Planet Dr Chef limits crew members to three cups of mek (ahem, coffee) a day and never on an empty stomach. Could you survive in space on this regiment? On earth?
  2. The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet’s resident AI Lovey says “Jealousy’s Stupid.” As a human do you agree or have you ever found jealousy useful?
  3. Becky Chambers created a universe full of otherworldly cultures and characters—sapient and otherwise. Did you have a favourite culture? Favourite character?
  4. The crew of the Wayfarer often comes across as one big family, one might say a ‘feather’ family. Would you fit in?
  5. Would you rather be stranded in a space capsule with Kizzy or Corbin?
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5 years ago

I would be stranded with Kizzy! Spicy chips, high energy and able to fix anything? That would be my first choice. It’s interesting the similarities but also differences between these back to back choices of Walkaway and TLWTASAP. Walkaway was about wanting to leave your body behind for a digital life and this month circled an AI wanting to move into its own body. Angry Planet also wrote that a ship’s AI was shaped by its experience with its crew – which mirrors my favorite idea from Walkaway about people being shaped by those around them. And can you please… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Admin

This was such a good episode, I was laughing and talking along on my headphones and getting strange looks. Thanks for the shout out on the podcast – I am a big fan!! 🙂 I also read the sequel and can’t wait for the third book but I would say we don’t have to read it for the podcast. Kristen is right and talking it out brings so many different perspectives to your attention. I initially thought what Corbin did to Ohan was wrong but after hearing Erika explain her view, I want to go back and re-read/re-think that situation.… Read more »