Discussion – Son of a Trickster

This month we’re reading Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson. It’s the story of a young man in BC who is faced with the possibility that the magic and gods of his people’s stories may be real, and that moreover, he may be not be entirely human, himself!

Tell us your thoughts. Or, answer one of our discussion questions. Let us know if you’d prefer not to get a shout-out on on the next episode:

  1. Talking ravens and philosophizing fireflies – magic and the supernatural play a large role in this book. Does it ever seem like there’s magic in your life?
  2. Jared’s life is tough, and his upbringing rocky. And yet he cares deeply for those around him. How/where did he develop this profound empathy and compassion?
  3. Jared’s constant companion was his beloved dog, Baby Killer. Have you had an intense relationship with a pet like Jared has with Baby?
  4. Humour plays a large role in Son of a Trickster. What was your favourite funniest bit?
  5. Who was your favourite character in Son of a Trickster? Who was the most memorable? Are they the same character?
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5 years ago

My favorite character was the grandmother. Although she calls him awful cuss words as she truly believes he is the trickster, she watches out for him and offers him an escape if things get to be too much. I think she is where is learns some of his empathy.