Episode 018: Trickster Drift

Thanks for joining us! This month we’re discussing Trickster Drift the by Eden Robinson, chosen by author and WPL Writer-in-Residence alumnus Jordon Wheeler, who joined us as a guest host, for which we are very grateful!

Trickster Drift is the second book in a trilogy by Eden Robinson (we read the first book Son of a Trickster last year, remember that? Good times.) Now, we catch up with Jared as he moves from Kitimat to Vancouver for school, and finds he is still a magnet for magic. And more mundane trouble as well.

In This Episode We Mention

Fainting Couch Feminists Podcast – Episode 22 “When your book becomes a movie, featuring Eden Robinson”

Monkey Beach (movie website)

Snotty Nose Rez Kids

Polaris Prize 2019 (longlist)

Sleeping with the Enemy, a movie that Trevor saw too many times in the theatre

A photo of 1640 Graverley St, Vancouver, courtesy of Google Street View

TD Summer Reading Club

How to Suggest a Purchase at WPL

Can You Tell Me A Book I Would Also Like?

Erica: Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

Trevor: Mythic: A New Musical (tell us – does this count as a book??)

Jordan: Coyote Tales by Thomas King

Alan: Requiem for a Dream by Hubert Selby

Kirsten: The Canadian UFO Report – The Best Cases Revealed (see also: The Canadian UFO Survey)

Nerd Words for Word Nerds 

Erica: “Genuflection” Prompted by the book Bury Your Dead by Louise Penny

Trevor: “Apollo” Here are some fun facts about the Apollo Program

Kirsten: “Fortean

Alan: “Pretty” (see also: The Word Pretty by Elisa Gibbert)

Jordan: “Kaneonuskatew

***It was a pleasure and honour that the amazing Jordan Wheeler could join us! Many thanks to him!***

Comments from this episode come from Amy, Phil, Carol, Christine-Melody, and Marlene. Thanks to our online community for being part of the discussion.

Next month we’ll be reading All Systems Red by Martha Wells

As always – we want to talk about what you want to talk about. Get in touch on social media or email us at wpl-podcast@winnipeg.ca.

Time to Read is a production of the Winnipeg Public Library. Your hosts today were Jordan Wheeler, Kirsten Wurmann, Trevor Lockhart, Alan Chorney, and Erica Ball. Our webmaster is Arryn Seburn. Our social media guru is Reegan Breu. Audio production and music by Dennis Penner.

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